Lessons from 2015

December 2015

  • January: The right company makes sunrises even better.
  • February: Giving feels good.
  • March: We never stop learning about each other.
  • April: Home is where my wife is.
  • May: Politics affects everything.
  • June: It’s never too late and I can do it if I try.
  • July: My wife is quite wonderful.
  • August: The smallest things can make me smile.
  • September: Families are wonderful, resilient and important.
  • October: I don’t have to do things in the order that I plan to; in fact, sometimes it’s better if I don’t.
  • November: Babies learn to do amazing things, even when you’re not watching.
  • December: I should never go Christmas shopping in a city that I like (Christmas markets don’t count).

Bonus: I can’t write at work!


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