My passport to the world…

This is just a short post and it isn’t really anything to do with books. Though, in some ways it has everything to do with books and so, here we go… You might be wondering why I was in need of comfort reading recently. Equally you may not but, I feel like celebrating and the two things are linked so do celebrate with me.

I finally (after nearly a decade which seems a foolishly long time to be considering something) enrolled on a CELTA course in April of this year. Not the crazy, single month of pressure and self loathing I’ve watched others put themselves through but a three month, part time course that felt like it might still, quite easily, take over my life.

I was afraid that the course would simply be a means to an end; an exercise in jumping through hoops that I didn’t quite fit through just to get that certificate; that passport to work, travel, education and experience. My ticket to the world… I’m not very good at jumping through hoops, at least, not the ones people often think are important. I quickly get bored with it. So, I put it off.

I was either very wrong or very lucky. Though there was some hoop jumping, I was sufficiently distracted by all of the interesting things that I learnt about to be distracted from it until absolutely necessary (bad for my time management but great for my engagement). This is largely, I’m sure, down to the fantastic team of tutors at ELTS (Swansea University) who delivered the course. And to them I say thank you.

Equal, if not more thanks is due to my wife. Without her support I wouldn’t have enrolled (cliche maybe but true). Without her, I wouldn’t have passed. I did. I passed. I really am a language teacher and I now have my passport to the world…


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