We all need it sometimes. We all have those places and things that we retreat to that make us feel better or keep us from going a bit crazy. I’ve always done this; returned to familiar friends when I get busy, tired or nervous. Just like comfort food or cwtching up on the couch in pyjamas, with a blanket and a bear; comfort music and comfort reading has almost been my default and I know it’s not just me. During exams at school I had a friend who would reread the Discworld series from the very first book. She did this every year. it kept her calm (and I suspect, was the perfect procrastination tactic).

The past couple of years have been busy for me. I moved across the country, changed jobs, planned a wedding, studied university modules, sat exams, completed my CELTA, got another exciting job… Exciting as it is, it’s all a little much sometimes. But, at the beginning of all of this (as a ‘well done’ for getting the first exciting job), my wife gave me a present:


Now, say what you will about Harry Potter and ‘grown ups’ reading ‘children’s books’, I’ve read them many times and find myself reading them again. Not just reading them, but enjoying them (it’s not just procrastination, honestly sweetheart)! JK Rowling has created a world to escape into that can also be shared. It’s a wonderful and now, wonderfully familiar story with nuanced characters and little details that make me smile or laugh whether I’m noticing them for the first time (which still happens occasionally) or remembering them from the last time I read them and they cheered my up / calmed me. I love it and I know I’m not the only one. My wife thinks I’m crazy but I’m sure that revisiting books that make you happy is a good thing.


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